You’ve probably heard the motto “Knowledge is power”. Well, when it comes to our personal finances this motto couldn’t be more factual. Knowing the details of our finances and how it can affect us and our families now and into the future will play an important role in how happy we are with our lives.  However, many of us don’t know how to get started or what resources are available to help us put our monies in order.

My goal is to provide you with the best-researched information on everything from setting up a simple budget to how to research companies you are planning to buy stock from. I, along with you, will learn new things in my quest to provide you with great information. That’s the beauty of life. Learning for us never stops, we are always evolving and getting better. As we gain the knowledge that will enable us to lead stable financial lives, we will also gain power, the power to make solid decisions with our money. So, lets get that knowledge and get better together.

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