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The Third Door by Alex Banayan

It took me 3 days to finish reading this book. I haven't read a book so fast in years. It would've probably taken me two had I not have had to stop reading so I could go to work. The Third Door by Alex Banayan was gripping, engaging and so satisfying to read and learn from that I tell everyone I meet how great a book it is. I've told everyone, from my boss at work to the librarian at my local library.. in case she hadn't already read it, I know librarians read alot of books. She said she would look into it, but I wanted to tell her no don't look into it, read it like right now! But I had to hold back my excitement a little, there was a long line of patrons waiting behind me.

But I digress...

Let me tell you why this book was so wonderful. I think it was meant to be initially for millennials but I'm part Generation X and let me tell you, it really hit a nerve with me. It helped inspire me to write this post and to revive my interest of reading about other successful people and looking at my life in a different way. The main lesson from the Third Door was that yes, life is very difficult at times, but when you want to accomplish something, there is always, ALWAYS a way. It might not be through the front door like Alex references to in the book, might not even be through a side entrance, it could end up being through a back door or even a window. Get what I'm saying? When he went on his quest to interview some of the most successful people on earth, his journey took him through such unexpected paths that he would could have ever imagined how his path would turn out. That is life, we have no idea how talking to one person or working on a certain project or volunteering to do something can lead us ultimately to our most desired goals. Life is funny that way and the universe provides for us what we want in the most surprising and unique ways as long as we are open to it. I won't give away if Alex did or did not get the interviews he initially set out to do or how he got there, that is for you to find out, but I will tell you that his path has inspired me to continue with my dreams and it has enabled me to revive projects I've had in mind for awhile and for that I thank him dearly. Check out the book and see if the same happens to you. ;)

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