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Financial Literacy Oversees

The financial literacy trend is growing strong and spreading. That is a good thing. Hopefully, it will not be a trend that fades away. Doesn’t look like it so far. Recently,  David Finney President of Champlin College in Burlington, Vermont announced that the school is opening a new Center for Financial Literacy. The goal of the program is to raise the financial skills of students from kindergarten through college, teachers and adults in general.

According to Finney, people are spending more than they earn and more education about managing money is necessary. It’s true, there is no better time to get everyone involved in learning how to manage and budget their earnings than now.  A healthy economy, like Finney says, is dependant on financial literacy. If more people are pro-active about their finances and are able to ask the right questions and understand the answers, many of the woes of their home economy could be solved or just downright prevented.

The opening of this center at Champlin is an example of the effort to ramp up financial education in the United States, but the U. S. is not the only place this is happening. Oversees more financial literacy classes are also popping up. In Kanpur, India for example, the Reserve Bank of India recently organized a financial literacy camp designed to educate the public about the importance and role of financial literacy in daily lives.

What do you think? Do you agree with having more financial literacy education? Do you think it will help the U.S. on a large scale in the future?

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