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Updated: Mar 7, 2019

I’ve been on a personal finance educational journey since 1997. After graduating college I set out to learn more about how to manage my money. I had no idea what impact or if any taking out multiple credit cards would have on my credit score and I didn’t know how to effectively budget or save money. So I started on this mission to educate myself.

A mission that has taken me on a life long journey spanning over 20 years. In this journey, I’ve written  about personal finances and helped educate others along the way. I’ve been able to write for publication many times. I’ve translated a book (Financial Advice for Blue Collar America) from English to Spanish  (Asesoramiento Financiero para la Clase Trabajadora de los Estados Unidos) about how blue collar workers understand their finances and reach their money goals. Some of the topics in this book talk about saving for college, understanding taxes and insurances, how to better invest, available investments vehicles, saving for retirement, learning about retirement plans and preparing your estate. I’ve also been able to give presentations and teach classes about personal finances. It’s been an amazing journey for my personal growth and a very fulfilling one.

Now I’d like to continue this journey by helping others with the money aspect of their lives in the form of coaching. Many folks need help managing their everyday finances and getting a better grasp of budgeting, saving, getting rid of debt, making sure their wills are in order and many other money issues. My goal with my financial coaching services is to help empower and guide people in their journey so they can feel peace of mind and make good decisions with the money they earn so they can reach their life goals and have a more fulfilling life.

My promise to you is that I will help you get organized and better understand your finances. I will help set the momentum you need to begin to unravel the money issues that have been setting you back and making you anxious. I will help you with my financial coaching services to begin a more serene journey with clarity towards reaching your financial goals.

Soon, I will provide in more detail the types of services to be provided.

As always, thank you. Ana


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