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Eating Healthy on a Tight Budget (con’t)

Eating healthy is essential to helping develop our bodies into a strong and energetic machine. In continuation with my healthy series, I asked Dietitian Leigh Tracy from Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD what are some of her tips on staying healthy while on a budget. She gave me the following great tips.

Eat seasonally. Fruits and vegetables that are in season will be less expensive. If your favorite fruit or vegetable is not available fresh, try the freezer section. Frozen produce is a great way to enjoy fruit or vegetables year around and are still packed with nutrients.

Buy whole foods and chop them up yourself rather than purchasing them pre-cut. It might take a little time, but it will help save money.

Use coupons! Coupons are an easy way to save money. Some grocery stores allow you to double up on coupons, so you get even more savings.

Write a grocery list and stick to it! Avoid impulse shopping and keep to your list of what you really need. Avoid shopping on an empty stomach as well.

Turn tonight’s leftovers into tomorrow’s lunch! Using what you already have instead of making new meals each day can help you save money and not waste food.

Try the dollar store. Some dollar stores today have a grocery section. You can purchase healthy foods such as brown rice! You can even find no salt seasonings, which are great ways to add flavors to food.

As you just read,  there are ways to avoid eating the unhealthy, processed and cheap stuff, here was the proof!

Thank you Leigh!

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