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A lifetime of free checking

When Bank of America announced its new monthly debit card fees, customers got upset. They started looking for ways to get around these fees by checking out better offers at other banks. One Long Island credit union in particular has been attracting these customers by offering new account holders guaranteed “fee free” checking accounts for life. Bethpage Federal Credit Union is offering new customers who open a Bethpage Bonus checking account a lifetime of no debit card fees, no transaction fees, no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balance fees and no ATM fees for using other banks’ ATMs. The only fees they charge are the insufficient funds and overdraft fees. According to the New York Times, this credit union has opened 1,500 new checking accounts- double the regular account openings for a three-week period.  Since more big time banks are trying to add all kinds of fees to customer accounts, offers such as the one this credit union is offering is sure to attract the customers these big banks are letting slip away.

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