Money makes the world go ’round

Money makes a huge difference when you find yourself in a rut, especially if it’s a financial.  But when you have minimal or no money and have been in debt for awhile, it seems difficult to find a way to get the funds you need to get out of what seems like a black hole. When you find yourself in debt, take a step back and start thinking about what brought you to this point in the first place. Think back. Was it the constant shopping trips? Dining out on a daily basis? Charge, charge and more charging on credit cards? Whatever it was, you are in debt for a reason and sometimes it’s not even what you did directly but what happened indirectly in your life. Sickness and job loss are unpredictable and your true financial test comes when you are faced with a decrease or loss of income. How you survive the rough times depends on how you’ve saved throughout the years. In my next post, I will explain a few ways to prepare for the tough times and how to cut back on unnecessary expenses that have the potential to set you back.

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