Cutting down debt!

I paid my student loan today. I submitted my last payment and have never felt such a sense of pride. After finishing school in 2005, I quietly and persistently chopped away at that tree of debt. Making sure that my expenses were kept low and being careful to not accumulate more debt, I consistently sent payments in monthly and more recently weekly. I was determined to get that loan paid off this year. Today, my $44,000 student loan was paid off! When you pay off your student loan, do it consistently, every week or every month. You won’t even notice that extra money is not there for you to use and you won’t feel a need for it, trust me. So go ahead and chop down your tree of debt!

2 thoughts on “Cutting down debt!

  1. Thank you Zach. It is exciting and it feels great! Yes, slow and steady, slow and steady (but focused) and before you know it, you’ll be all paid up. Good luck to you too.

  2. Congrats Ana! I just graduated from college and I’ve been working hard on getting started paying of my student loans. With almost 75K to pay off, I’m looking at quite an uphill climb. I consolidated my loans to make structuring the repayments easier and mapped out a monthly plan that allowed for bi-weekly payments. At first I could only afford to cover the interest, but with patience and planning I’m looking at full repayment within 8 years.

    Now that you’re all paid up, good luck with the rest of your future, very exciting!!

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