Our moves are being tracked!

According to a recent report by CreditCards.com, top credit card companies are using a high-tech marketing technique that enables them to modify their online offers based on how online shoppers browse the web. By using this technique, credit card companies say they are better able to meet shopper’s needs. Credit card companies even have the capability of offering a different interest rate based on who is looking up the rate.

 While many folks will see this as an invasion of privacy, this method of marketing will undoubtedly continue and perhaps get more intrusive, only time will tell. Although the Internet has been around for a while, it’s still young and it seems like businesses and marketers are just tapping into the potential monetary growth and commercial value advertising on the Internet can bring.

Most likely we’ll see that our information will become more compromised and used to other people’s advantage. 

Read more about the CreditCards report here.

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