What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

In planning our new year we all think of things we could do differently or news things we would like to try. This year let’s make it a goal to look over our finances and know where our money is going. It won’t be easy and when life gets going, our bank statements and 401k advices are the first thing to go on the wayside. So, let’s just do a little everyday. Look over your balances, read that bank notice that came in and check to see if your brokerage fees are going up.

Ask yourself some questions: Am I happy and content with the earnings my Roth is getting? Do I see progress? Are overdraft fees becoming a common occurrence in my monthly bank statement? Is there any way I can get another tax credit or deduction? You get the idea. These and questions and whatever else you come up with will help rev up your finances. Once you find out the answers you will feel so much more empowered.

So go ahead, try something new in 2011. Happy New Year!!!

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