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Wonder Woman Pose to Help Boost Confidence in Women?

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I recently read an article that says that if a woman strikes the Wonder Woman pose for two minutes daily, it will boost their confidence and make them feel stronger. This sounded sort of like a mind trick to me, but is it?

According to an article in the Spanish magazine, Siempre Mujer, striking this pose actually alters your brain chemistry and makes you feel more powerful. The article is based on the book Amy Cuddy, professor of Business at Harvard wrote. Her book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenge, presents a plan right out of the comic story, but is 100 percent proven by scientific study says Cuddy. The posture,  which is to stand tall with your hands on your hips, shoulders back, and head up, not only can help you attain your interior power, but can help you project an image of a strong, brave, powerful woman. As Cuddy says, you are not even faking it, you really feel like a super woman!

Here’s the scientific explanation. According to Cuddy, adopting this body pose for only 2 minutes daily, can elevate your testosterone levels  which affects your mood, by 20 percent (yes, women also produce this hormone but in less quantities than men), reduce your cortisone level (the stress hormone), and stimulate your capacity to take on risks. In the same manner, adopting closed poses such as slouching and keeping your head down will have the opposite effect.

Cuddy says that with this pose, your mind will start believing what your body is projecting. She also suggests you assume the Wonder Woman pose before an important meeting with a boss or before an important life event. No matter what life situation you are in, this pose can help you project power, strength and confidence. So go ahead ladies, let’s practice this pose daily and project our inner powerful goddess – we all have it in us!

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a day of love and friendship. You’ve probably been shopping around for the perfect gift, the card that says just the right words or the place that has a lovely and perfect ambiance. It’s nice to show someone you love that you are thinking of them and that you care. It’s also nice to be on the receiving end and be the one who is wine and dined. Whatever it is you decide to do today, make sure you do it more often than on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure whomever you care for will appreciate these gestures even more if you do them more often, spontaneously and for no particular reason. Make Valentine’s Day an every day event!

Wear Red!

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Today is Wear Red Day, the start of American Heart Month. This month draws attention to cardiovascular disease and its negative impact on women. Heart disease is considered America’s number one killer which has affected more women than men. That is why it’s important to bring awareness to this dreadful disease and continue fighting it. So please, get your heart checked and tell everyone you know. It’s important!

¡Vista de Rojo!

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Hoy es el Día en que todos vestimos de rojo en reconocimiento al mes del corazón. Este mes le trae atención a la enfermedad cardiovascular y su impacto negativo en las mujeres. La enfermedad del corazón es considerado el asesino número 1 de América que afecta más a las mujeres que a los hombres. Por eso es importante ponerle atención a esta terrible enfermedad y continuar peleándola. Así que por favor, vaya al médico para que examinen su corazoncito. ¡Es importante!

5 Ways to Feel Great in 2013!

We all have new goals and ideas to implement this year. The key is to succeed at them is to start out small. You’d be surprised how the “little” things motivate us to keep going or go stronger in our everyday lives. Here are a few ideas.


Yes, exercise is good for you. There’s no way around it. In order to groove, you’ve got to move! Moving around helps stimulate your body and makes you feel more vibrant. It helps lift your mood and makes you feel energized. If you are more energetic then you can do more. It’s a positive cycle that helps you physically and mentally deal with the stressors in your daily lives. Try it! Start by moving to the beat of your favorite song for about 10 – 15 minutes a day, then do it twice a day. As your energy level increases, go ahead and do exercises like jumping jacks, a few pushups and crunches. Then you can move on to more complex exercise routines. Trust me; you will feel the difference in just a couple of days. Your body will thank you for it.

Drink Tea

Many folks I know say tea is for people who don’t feel well. It’s for people who have a cold or otherwise feel under the weather. Not true! On the contrary, tea is for people who want to prevent not feeling well. Chamomile tea for example helps soothe your nerves and enables you to sleep better. Peppermint tea is an antiseptic; it’s good to keep your stomach in check by stimulating bile which improves digestion. Lavender helps lift your mood and it smells great! My favorite, green tea is a fat burner. It lowers cholesterol and get this – it helps protect us against two of the nation’s top health issues affecting Americans- heart disease and diabetes. So yes, tea is good for you, so this year drink up!


Ease your mind, calm your nerves, and reflect on your present day.  Focus on your breath, sit up straight and inhale deeply. Think about your wishes for tomorrow and take things one day at a time. Oh, and one more thing- stop watching the news so much. All the negativity will certainly put you down. Meditating just a few minutes a day will help you feel more at peace with yourself and the world around you. Try it.

Do something fun

All work and no play is sure to make even the most stable person a grumpy old grouch. On a daily basis, make sure you sneak in your schedule something you love doing. Like playing video games? Go for it. Like dancing? Go ahead and shake that thing. Enjoy watching the Kardasians reality show, go ahead and knock yourself out, no one’s going to judge you. The point is that you need to do whatever lifts your mood – DAILY! Life can bring anyone down, whether it’s the daily routine of work or the grind of daily chores, you need an outlet in which you can have downtime to relax and be yourself. So go ahead, read those comic books you’ve been meaning to take a gander at. Enjoy!

Don’t stress it!

Listen, life is hard, we all know that. There are plenty of ups and downs in our journey through life. We all have them. How we each deal with this cycle of life is what makes the difference on how we perceive the world. If we stress everything, we’ll feel more of a wreck and more stressed out. That’s a bad cycle to be in. Break this cycle and as the common saying goes, life is short, don’t stress it. The great thing about life is that there is always a new day to follow a bad day. A new day brings hope of better things to come, so please don’t stress as much this year!

Happy New Year 2013!

This year will be great. Let’s move on to a new year full of optimism and appreciation for all the good things we have, for all our blessings. Many things happened last year, some good, others not so much, but the wonderful thing about life is that there is always a tomorrow. Tomorrow always brings promise, a promise of better things to come, of hope. So let’s appreciate what we learned last year, how we all grew as individuals and let’s keep in our hearts the dear people we lost. We should all carry in our hearts and minds the experiences that molded us and their existence here on earth, the wonderful light that the people we lost shed on us while they were here.

Now we all move on to a new year full of expectations and dreams for a better life. Let’s get on with it and be better and stronger than ever.

Cheers to a wonderful New Year 2013!